Author: Metodiev Design / Автор: Методиев Дизайн

Автор: Методиев Дизайн

Author: Metodiev Design

What is a One-Pager?

The so-called one-pagers are slowly but surely becoming the next big thing in the web design world.

Today we’re going to be sharing our experience in the field of one-page websites and why you should (or maybe not) pick this type of website for yourself or your business.

One-pagers, by definition, are websites that consist of just one page. Meaning, there are no additional pages, like “About us”, “Services”, “Contact us”, and others. All that information is pretty much summarized on the home page.

Usually, such websites take a bit longer to load but once they “manage”, the experience for the visitor is as seamless as it can get.

Metodiev Design Suggests:

In order to navigate from one HTML section to another, you’d better know how anchors work. Just a quick overview would be – insert a “#” sign into your section HTML tag and then give it a certain name, like “section-about-us” for example. Then make a button that takes your visitor to that specific place (URL) and that should do the trick.

The whole purpose of a one-pager website is to present your visitor with concise information about you or your business and then have them take a certain action.

In general, that’s all about minimalistic design focused on getting the visitor’s attention and having them take action.

As you might have guessed, there are certain benefits of picking that type of website, but there are also some downsides to it.

Let’s take a closer look.

< 1 > Benefits of having a one-pager

едностраничен стилен уебсайт | a stylish one-pager website

Why choose one-pager in the first place?

  • For starters, a successful one-pagers usually look very clean, sharp and stylish.
  • It makes the user experience a lot smoother when compared to other types of websites.
  • Another benefit of one-pagers is that they are kinda like a one-way ticket, metaphorically speaking, Meaning, the purpose is to get your visitor through your content, without distracting them too much. And again, the goal is to convert your visitor to a customer (buyer).
  • When optimized (the right way), they look awesome on mobile. And frankly, it’s a lot easier for your users to scroll through them.
  • Honestly, web designers like crafting one-pagers because usually they are not very complicated and are easy to maintain as opposed to a website that has 500 pages for example.

Metodiev Design Suggests:
A good idea, if you were about to choose a one-pager, would be to have your “copy” as concise as possible so that it could fit nicely into your design. Nobody likes reading a whole bunch of unnecessary information.

< 2 > Downsides of one-pagers

едностранчните сайтове страдат от лошо СЕО | One-Pagers are affected in terms of SEO.
Some SEO downsides.

As mentioned above, there are some downsides to this kind of websites and it is up to you to make an informed decision if such site is for you (or your business). Our goal here is to give you as much information as we can so that you could make an informed decision yourself.

  • There is no way to put a lot of stuff on such a website. That’s just not the idea. In most cases, you’d need to use a minimalistic design so that all looks neat.
  • Unless you are using a decent CDN, you might be hit big time in terms of website speed. And as we know, having a lightning-fast website means a lot to Google nowadays.
  • Usually, such sites don’t last long (at least in the form in which they were initially designed). That’s because we all want to develop ourselves and developing in most cases is related to expansion. In this sense, at some point in time, you might want to add some new stuff to your website and since you don’t have much space left, you end up creating new pages. That way, you no longer have a one-pager… or we should say one-pager by definition.
  • One-pagers tend to have slightly lower results when it comes to SEO Optimization, especially compared to other websites that have a bunch of pages. The main (SEO) downside is that you can’t optimize one web page properly for all kinds of keywords. With a multiple-page website, you could have different pages and optimize them according to your needs.

Metodiev Design Suggests:

If one-pager is something that you like, you’d better pay close attention to the SEO side of it. Meaning, use heading tags accordingly (like “<H1>”. “<H2>”, and so on.) and some meta keywords. Also, make sure you use sections and anchors. That’s really basic but it’d help you rank better on Google and would better the experience of your visitors.

Имате ли нещо, което да допълните?

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Is there anything you’d like to add?

We’d be happy to answer your questions in the comments section below.

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