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Автор: Методиев Дизайн

Author: Metodiev Design

SEO Optimization

We are constantly bombarded with questions like “How do I rank higher on Google?”. The truth is that in order to rank higher on Google, you need to know what SEO Optimization is and how to do it (or have someone do it for you).

In the information Age, there’s a ton of information, full of terms that we not always understand.

That is the reason for writing this SEO optimization article. We believe it is concise enough and will help you rank better on Google if you just follow the tips in it.

Below, you will find answers to 5 of the most fundamental questions when it comes to SEO optimization.

сео-оптимизация-Методиев-Дизайн. | SEO Optimization - Metodiev Design.
Search Engine Optimization.

< 1 > What is SEO optimization?

In its purest form, Search Engine Optimization is all that we do in order to rank higher on Google. It is known for a fact that the higher you are in “Google’s eyes” the more targeted traffic you get… and the more targeted traffic you get, the more sales you make.

What’s beautiful about it is that Customers could find very specific products/services based on their needs and at the same time you could get a ton of targeted traffic that’s on the hunt for your products/services. And yes, they’d be coming to your website to buy from you. You wouldn’t need to chase them anymore.

< 2 > How do Search Engines work?

There are many factors that could affect your (SERP) position. Three of the most important ones are authority, relevancy, and personalization. Search engines work in a way that show what’s most relevant for the guy on the other side of the PC that’s searching for “Cats” or “Dogs”… you get the idea.

Authority – you can build authority by building relationships that result in links towards your website. The more reputable sources you can find the better.

Relevancy – in order to be relevant, you’d need to make sure you present structured information to your visitors. Go for quality and not quantity. Of course, there are some rules related to minimum amount of words (300-500+) but you should be focusing on the quality in general. Why quality, because that’s how you get shares and returning visitors. Google sees that.

Personalization – that’s a matter of taste but make sure your taste stands out. When we say “stand out” we don’t mean to over salt the soup. You still need to comply with some niche/industry standards.

Important: Search Engines often change their search algorithm, so what works perfectly fine today may not work tomorrow and the other way round. Good news is that we always need to strive for offering the best content out there (if you need professional copywriting, contact us). That way, we’ll always have visitors that want to read/watch our content.

< 3 > What’s a keyword?

Keywords/key phrases are the backbone of your SEO optimization. When on the hunt for keywords, you need to be hyper careful. Study your visitors. What do they search for? What are their interests and hobbies? What’s their vocabulary?

It is possible to optimize your website for multiple keywords and in this sense the better you know your target audience the better the chance to know what words they use.

The three most important things that you need to focus on are:

  • How often people search for that keyword
  • What is the meaning of it
  • What’s the competition

< 4 > What’s On-site SEO optimization?

Сео оптимизация - Методиев Дизайн | SEO Optimization - Metodiev Design.
Keywords – SEO Optimization.

On-site SEO optimization refers to optimization that’s performed onto the website itself. Your website should have a decent structure. Should be actual in terms of design. Should have awesome title.

Good idea is to have a detailed description (+ meta description) on your home page.

Your URL should be user-friendly. That’s also a factor when it comes to SEO optimization.

The structure of your website should be user-friendly. The navigation should always guide your visitors as to where they are on your website.

Archives are also a factor. They usually take the right sidebar (in most cases) and could be organized based on keywords and dates.

< 5 > Why do you need to have a mobile version?

СЕО Оптимизация - Методиев Дизайн. | SEO Optimization - Metodiev Design.
Mobile friendly – SEO Optimization.

Statistics show that 70% of the people who search on the Internet are using a mobile device. Do you still think that being user-friendly is not that important?

It’s really important that your website has a mobile version. It makes your Customer’s experience a way more pleasant.

You can read more about the benefits of having a mobile version in our mobile version article.

If you’d like to read more about SEO, go check our SEO category.

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Is there anything you’d like to add?

We’d be happy to answer your questions in the comments section below.

Ad: We at Metodiev Design aim at providing services of outstanding quality to our clients. If you need a website, feel free to check our Business Packages, Packages for Individuals and All Services.

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